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Herbie has been in the rescue for over a year.  He is a "special" pug in many ways.  He is adorable and loves to be loved!  However, he does have a neurological issue that results in some anxiety and OCD type behaviors.  He is working with a veterinarian who specializes in behavior.  Dr. Derr has done a home visit and has evaluated him.  She is figuring out what medication will help in the most, and she helps us with how to structure his environment and needs.

His foster family summed up what it is like to live with him and what Herbie needs:  He definitely needs his person home with him 93% of the time! He is very, very sweet!! He loves to play tug and enjoys chewing on a kong. He has never pooped in the house since he has been here. He usually starts running around, more crazy than his normal when he has to go potty. His pacing and barking is getting better. It seems, he has some days that are better than others, just like me; for no apparent reason. :)  He has no problem sleeping in his crate at night, although, like a true pug, he loves your bed too. He does know sit and he doesn't chew your fingers off when he takes a treat.

He wears a belly band 100% of the time when he is in the house, but he stands and waits for you to put it on him when he comes in. Dr. Derr has requested a medical test to determine if the frequent urination has a medical basis other than a urinary tract infection.  The rescue will be taking him to the appointment once the test kit comes in.

Yes, he has neurological issues, but he will make someone a very nice house pug if they are calm, have a quiet environment and don't travel a lot. So far, whenever we have had strangers in the house, he is only excited about as much as the rest of the grumble. I'm open to taking serious applications with the understanding that he isn't ready yet. And at this point, we can't say when he will be. If the meds calm him a bit, I don't think it will be all that long.

If you are interested in Herbie, please contact our adoption coordinator using this link:  Adoption Coordinator

The adoption coordinator will be screening applications very carefully.  Though we know many families are great homes for pugs, Herbie requires a special set-up. We don't want him to get bounced around since stability is key for him.

Effective 8/6/2015

MN-MPR will not be taking adoption applications for while. We have an overwhelming number of applications that we are working on but we do not have very many pugs being surrendered. For every pug we get in rescue we have at least 10 applicants waiting. Although it is great that pugs are staying in their homes and don't need to be rescued it is difficult for those looking to adopt! So all of our applicants are patiently waiting for the pug of their dreams! We encourage you to check back with us frequently but please also know that their are other great rescues with dogs in need of homes (and some non breed specific rescues do get pugs in as well!). 

For those of you who have submitted an application or are approved (have your references checked and home visit complete), please be patient with us! We are getting pugs in rescue but some of them need a lot of medical care prior to adoption or we may have someone already waiting for a pug coming in.

Thank you all for your continued support!!! We couldn't continue to rescue pugs without all of our supporters!!!

Please know that we would love to have you adopt from MN-MPR but we realize you may be looking for a companion sooner rather than later. There are lots of great rescues throughout Minnesota! Check out PetFinder or Google "MN dog rescues" and there may be another rescue that could help find a furry companion for your home!

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Lost Pugs - Please Help!

**If you have found a lost/stray pug**:

Please contact your local animal shelters and veterinarians offices prior to contacting 

MN Midwest Pug Rescue. 

Quite often, owners of lost pets have contacted these agencies looking for their pets. 

Additionally, shelters and veterinarians can scan the pet to see if it is micro chipped and 

reunite it with its owner. 

Due to many city ordinances and laws the pug must be at the local shelter for a specified number

of days before the rescue can step in and take the dog. Please consider taking the dog to the local shelter instead of your home so 

that the process of either finding the owner or getting the pug into rescue can be expedited. 

As a rescue we work with many of the shelters and may be able to pull the pug from the shelter after the initial hold period.

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Midwest Pug Rescue ~ MN Division rescues and provides a safe and loving sanctuary for abandoned, surrendered, stray and neglected pugs. Midwest Pug Rescue ~ MN Division works to raise public awareness of the plight of homeless animals through our various community events. We are an all volunteer organization of pug lovers who are dedicated to the breed with the goal of providing fairy tale endings for our curly tailed friends. The organization is funded solely through adoption fees and donations.

MN-MPR is a non-profit, 501c(3)


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