Taz, 9 years old - Adopted! 

What is iFoster?

Taz is a love!  He is the sweetest most gentle old pug, but still has a lot of energy and spunk!  He has not had any accidents.  Taz enjoys walks and can go pretty fast for awhile before slowing down.  He loves meal time.   Taz needs to be with a gentle family, no small kids that like to play rough.  His back legs are quite weak and someone could hurt him inadvertently.  He is on pain meds for his legs and that seems to help him out a lot.  He loves to jump on couch but only makes it 50% of the time. You need to lift him up otherwise.  He is quite interested in cats

but has not chased them.  He has noconcerns with my larger dog.  He has some hearing loss.  He cannot hear high frequencies for sure and cannot always hear what is going on. His vision seems very good.  Taz has followed his foster around a lot but is starting to trust that she is coming back.  So a few times when he is lying down, he will let me leave his vision for a few minutes today.  He is NOT crate trained at home.  He will  ride in one in the car but becomes quite hysterical if locked in one at home.  We have let him sleep in a bathroom unrestrained.  We tried to have him on our bed but he was quite wiggly and we were afraid he would fall off and get hurt.

Taz is ready to meet potential families.  Please apply if you are interested in Taz.

Adoption fee: $150.00 MN Sales Tax: $10.31

Sales tax is applied to adoption fees in compliance with Minnesota state law regarding animal rescue organizations.

Total Adoption fee: $160.31

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