Pudge, 14 Years Old - ADOPTED!

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Pudge is a very sweet boy that loves to lay in your lap or just wants to be with you and touch you. He can hear just a bit (louder noises) but his hearing seems to be getting better as his mouth heals from the teeth removal. (he only has 3 teeth left) When he came into our home he was marking frequently so we had to use a belly band. Since he has been fixed he is now doing wonderful with NO marking in the house and just goes with the flow does go to the door to be let out.

Pudge may be 14 but he RUNS like he is 2 so a leash at all times is required or a fenced in yard. Do not let his arthritis/joint issues fool you (front legs). He should not do steps or jump down from anything due to his front legs which he is on Carprofen for. 

He gets along with other dogs of all kinds just fine, is great with cats and LOVES KIDS!!! 

From the foster: we have 3 Grand-kids and he loves them all! Our granddaughter is 7 and when she is here we do not exist in Pudge's world, it is all about her; wants to lay in her lap and sleep with her in her bed. He does like his kennel but we only have it open so if he wants his space he can come and go from it as he chooses, when we are gone for the day he does stay in his kennel we just don't shut the door and have had NO problems at all. 

Pudge will do great in a less active home where someone is there more often, he does amazing with routine and goes with the flow once he has it figured out. We are working on hand signals so he understands to sit or to come when we want him.

The only downsides to Pudge is age (don't let it fool you), front legs and can't hear well, but he is so sweet, so loving and simply just wants to be loved. 

Adoption fee: $150.00 MN Sales Tax: $10.31

Sales tax is applied to adoption fees in compliance with Minnesota state law regarding animal rescue organizations.

Total Adoption fee: $160.31

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