Pugs in their Forever Homes

We always love to hear how our adopted pugs are doing! If you have a story and pictures you would like to share please go to "contact" (or e-mail mnmprinfo@gmail.com) and someone will get in touch with you for your submission!


We are excited to share our success story! We thank our lucky stars everyday that Joy came to us!

Joy arrived at the Minnesota Midwest Pug Rescue in January 2012 with a damaged tail. They tried to save the tail but in the end it needed to be removed. When I saw Joy on the rescue website I just knew she needed to come live with us. I submitted my application in April and received a message shortly after that Joy had already been adopted. We were heartbroken that we were not going to be her furever home. Within a few days I received another call from the rescue saying Joy had become available. She was struggling with the loss of her tail and the family that adopted her felt she would be better off in a different home. The rescue warned us that she would need a little extra care, lots of love, and some patience from us. We were up for the task!! 

The foster brought Joy over for a home visit at the end of April. I knew the second she jumped out of the car and waddled up my sidewalk she was never leaving. She came in and immediately began playing with my two year old Pugalier, they were instant friends. We did spend the first few weeks distracting Joy from her missing tail. But after some distraction and redirection of the behavior she quickly forgot all about it. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She is so sweet and well behaved. She loves to play and loves to cuddle!

I hope this story will help will motivate others to take in a pug that might be considered challenging. They all need a chance! They want to be loved and to give love.  The little bit of extra effort in the first couple weeks was well worth it. We are privileged and honored to be Joy's forever home. 

Thank you to the MN Midwest Pug Rescue, and the wonderful foster family, for everything they did for Joy!!

Jennifer, Minneapolis, MN



Willie was found in January 2009 in Middleville Iowa wandering a country road. He was taken to the humane society and he was 9 lbs and they couldn't get him to eat. He had a collapsed eye, probably from an infection that was never addressed and his other eye was scratched very badly and he has pk, so he can barely see. After 3 weeks, they were getting nervous that he would die, so they gave him to the MN Midwest Pug Rescue group where Alan and Carol Hawley fostered him. They had two pugs of their own, Otis and Amos, who were spunky and full of energy. At this time, I had already fostered one pug for three weeks, Abby, who was adopted, but I was itching for my own. I filled out an application to adopt and was contacted by Pati Christopherson who asked me if I would take Buddy (he had since been renamed from his in-take name Rufus) because he was agressive around the food if other pugs were near, and he couldn't go down stairs, which the Hawleys had in their house. I was glad to help foster, so I picked him up and when I saw him in the house, I recognized him from his initial photos. I would never have thought I would keep him. He settled in so well with me and was such a love, he is so affectionate and silly. Since I adopted him on my 23rd birthday, we've moved from MN to NY for a year, then drove across the country to AZ where we live now. He loves laying in the sun much better than having to go potty in the cold MN snow! 


My husband Tom and I were devastated on January 28th when we found out that our 13 year old Pug (named Pugslee) had advanced pancreatic cancer. We had to make the heart breaking decision to let her go. We missed her so much and so did our Yellow Lab (Greta) who we found on a rescue web site about 5 years ago. We weren't sure if we wanted to get another dog so soon but losing Pugslee left a big hole in our hearts and in our home. We knew that there was nothing we could do to bring her back but we could help another Pug who needed a good home. Tom found Midwest Pug Rescue and started looking at available Pugs. We saw Hannah's picture and read her story. We made arrangements to meet her shortly after and we fell head over heels in love with her right away! We had to wait a few weeks to adopt her because she needed surgery to remove two very large bladder stones. The surgery was successful and she's a very happy and healthy little girl again. She's a little bundle of energy but she also loves to cuddle. We've had her for almost three weeks now and she's the perfect fit for our little family. Thank-you so much for everything that you've done for us and for Hannah too!
                                                                                Tom & Janice
                                                                                                                         Greta & Hannah


In January of 2011, I stumbled onto the MN Pug Rescue's website.  I had wanted to adopt a pug for several years, however, it wasn't until early 2011 that my lifestyle could accommodate such an addition.  After reading Olivia's profile, I knew that I had to have her!  A resident of Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada), I travelled to the Minneapolis area five weeks later to pick up my new lil' Bugg (Boston Terrier Pug)... which ended up being the best decision of my life thus far.  She is stubborn (try getting her to go pee in -40 below weather), opinionated (she does NOT like the neighbourhood postal carrier... and she lets everyone know it), and oftentimes annoying (she likes to sleep under the covers with me, even though she has two beds of her own), but she is also fearless, fiercely loyal and loves her new found family wholeheartedly!  Her grandparents spoil her with love and attention, she's made friends with two dogs (this seemed impossible, so two is better than none!) and she has so much fun walking at the local parks, rivers and lakes.  Olivia still believes that she is the Queen of Sheba, but her behaviours have improved and keep getting better; she recognizes that she is not the Alpha and no longer 'argues' with her mama.  She's also lost seven pounds and looks amazing, thanks to her daily exercise and organic diet.  Thank you again to the MN Pug Rescue - Olivia is loving life as an honorary Canadian!  >>> Olivia's mom - Sarah Jane




We adopted Suzy this past August, 2010. Suzy was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri at the age of 5 years old.  At first, she was very fearful of people and needed to learn how to do just about everything...including going on walks. On our first attempted walk she had no idea what to do when she was on a leash and she was afraid to move. With time Suzy has become more and more secure.  Also, Suzy now knows all about walks and she LOVES them!  Suzy lives with her adoptive mom & Dad, Tracy & Bart, and sister (cock-a-poo) Abby and (cat) Cherry.  It is a very dog-centered, loving household and we are so grateful to have her in our lives. 
The picture is of Suzy and Abby and is from when we vacationed in Northern Minnesota this past October.







My oldest daughter Malia was telling my husband and I that she really, really wanted a pug. We already have 2 cat's and my husband didn't want another pet. Malia was buying books on pugs and hanging pictures of pugs all over her bedroom walls. It took about 2 years and I sat down with my husband and said we really should think about adopting a dog. He finally gave in and in May of 2010 I found the MN Midwest Pug Rescue website. The very next day I got a phone call from Jean and she wanted to meet me. I was so excited and very nervous. I just thought Jean was so awesome and extremely helpful. Our little baby boy was born June 14th 2010! His mother Samantha was rescued from a mill in

Missouri3 weeks before she gave birth. His foster mommy, Lauri was amazing and so helpful as well, I knew that I was making the right decision and that we were ready to have a new member join our family. We brought Igor home August 14th! I was so scared just like bringing a new baby home from the hospital. We all feel in love with him and couldn't imagine our life with out him, he has brought us so much joy to our family. Igor is now 6 month's old and is such a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle, take bubble bath's with the girls! He has already been camping and on a few roadtrips! I get to bring him to work with me and all the delivery drivers just love him, he is around people all the time. I always have a lot of people ask me where I got him and I tell them MN Pug Rescue! I tell them how the people that work for the rescue are so helpful and I am so proud to be apart of the organization. Igor is our pride and joy, I have to thank the MN Midwest PUg Rescue for everything!


Piper was adopted in November 2010, she had been rescued from a puppy mill in Nebraska. This little 2 year old girl was very skittish adn fearful of any person. Piper was so scared and shook the whole way back to her forever home. The first night we brought her home she actually got up on the fireplace hearth and stared into the fireplace not making eye contact with any of us and she would not let us come near her (she would just run away). We already have two other pugs, Bailey and Maggie (who is in the picture with Piper). They were both so fascinated with Piper but they weren't quite sure how to take her behavior. Today, Piper is the most loving little girl, she is pretty partial to her mom. She loves to be by her mom, and sleeps with her every night! She has now started barking and actually comes out of the bedroom when we have company over. She just recently started sitting on her dad's lap and letting him pet her (she seems to be afraid of any man) - so she is making huge progress! Piper has come a very long way, each day we make more progress with her. She is a very spoiled little girl and loves it when her mom rubs her belly! She has brought so much joy to our lives we really couldn't imagine our family without her! Piper's story had a very sad beginning but she now has the life I can only imagine she always dreamed of and we love her so much! Thank you so much MN Midwest Pug Rescue for the work you do and bringing this little girl into our lives!

Piper's parents - Steve and Shanin Harding



Rocky with Bugs

12/08/10 (L) & 04/09/11(R)

(Rocky is on the left in both photos)

And yes, he has gained a few pounds!

We adopted Rocky shortly after Thanksgiving last year (2010).  We’d never adopted before but decided to give it a try after losing our yellow lab, Trek, who had been a life-long companion and mentor to our pug, “Bugsy” (Bugs for short).  Trek and Bugs were inseparable and when Trek passed away, Bugs lost interest in doing almost everything.  We thought he’d do better with another canine companion but weren’t so sure about getting another puppy, so we were excited to find the Midwest Pug Rescue site on the internet! 

The Pug Rescue impressed us from the start.  Having someone check our personal references and doing a home visit reassured us that we were looking for a dog from a credible organization.  Everyone we interacted with was wonderful! The challenge was finding the “right” dog from the list of many pugs… all needing a permanent loving home.

Call in fate, intuition, what have you…. But when we saw Rocky’s photo and read his bio, we couldn’t help but think he was meant for us.  (This was in part due to the fact that my husband tried to convince me 35 years ago that we should name our first born son Rocky --we didn’t!).   Rocky has been the perfect dog for Bugs and for us.   He was a little shy and skittish at first, which we expected, and he was a little aggressive towards Bugs during play time the first couple of weeks, but from the start he was super cuddly, well-behaved, and best yet… totally house broke! 

Now, about 5 months later, Rocky is well-adjusted to us and life in the country (we think he’d been a city dog).  He loves to chase squirrels up the trees and keeps a very close eye on the bird feeders.  He’s met all 4 of our grandkids (ages 1-8 yrs) and, not surprisingly, they all have a great time playing together. He also loves to go for walks and is exceptionally good on a leash. 

As for Bugs, he was a bit suspicious of his new step-sibling at first, but after a couple months of getting acquainted, the 2 boys are now best of friends and are awesome at sharing treats, bath time and laps!  Best of all, Bugs has “moved on” and has now assumed the role of “mentor” that Trek once had and is busy showing Rocky the backyard sites.

Bottom line… we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to adopt and would highly recommend Midwest Pug Rescue to anyone looking for a pug!  Rocky has quickly become part of our family and we think the feeling is mutual





July 2010 - Carmen adapted to her new home PERFECTLY, beyond our wildest expectations.
We are both working during the day, away from Carmen, she made a VERY smooth transition.  Carmen loves all her new beds and full run of the house while we are away.  She loves her new backyard and kiddie pool.

Carmen's report card while we've been away has been close to A+, we don’t worry at all to let her run the house while we are away.  She has really not done anything "wrong" or destructive while we are away, she's had only 2 accidents in the house in the 1.5 months she's been with us.   She loves her morning attention from Mona and I, and she goes crazy with affection when we get home.  She loves her walks around the lakes and woods, everyone loves her and the feeling is mutual. She loves car rides and joining us on patio cafes around the city for sightseeing and occasional treats dropped from our plates.  When we rattle the leash and car keys its impossible to keep her controlled (in a fun way). 
For those thinking about rescuing a pug, we'd certainly say do it, and go thru

Midwestpug rescue.   

Craig and Mona


We have had pugs in our family for years. Our old girl was 10 or 11 and her health was starting to come into question. We knew there would be an unfilled void when she pass over the rainbow bridge. So, we began exploring the options available 
to us. We found the MPR-MN division and knew what we needed to do. Within a month, we found Emma. She wa
s a rescue from a puppy mill in the state of Wisconsin. She had spent her 2 years in a barn. Little, if any human interaction. We picked her up on a frigid January afternoon. She cowered and shivered the long way home. When we got her home, we were horrified to finally see her. Eleven pounds of fear. Fear of people, doors, noises everything. Her only consolation was being with the old girl. Folks from the Rescue had been more than honest with us about her prognosis. But, we forged ahead, with few expectations for Emma. We were just happy to offer her a stable home, and as much love and companionship she wanted. It took many months and a ton of patience, but she started to come around. Now, after 2 ½ years, a stranger woul
d not tell her apart from our other girls. She is social, likes her family, and begs for belly rubs. She has gained 5 pounds and her previously neglected eyes are bright and shiny. She plays with toys, scoots and finds great comfort in her pack. We wouldn’t trade her for a million dollars.
About 4 months into to our first pug adoption, we realized that our Emma needed another dog that she could play with and learnfrom. We were fortunate to have the chance to bring Ellie to our family. Ellie had been a breeder pug, that had had a traumatic delivery with subsequent emergent surgery. She came to us, looking for her babies. She had already been returned by one family that felt she didn’t warm up to them. She was a clown from day one. She would hide treats, for later. She soon found her purposeas the family protector. She acted as mother to our Emma. She also became my loyal companion. Sitting herself in my lap, without my even realizing she was there. Like a shadow, she can always be found near my feet. She loves my slippers, often carrying one to her bed. She has her father trained to give her belly rubs, before her nightly trip out to potty. Often without even opening her eyes. She will put her head on his chest, and look up into my son’s eyes with such adoration, you can tell she loves him. I couldn’t imagine not having that face to greet me after a long day at work.

After another four months, our girls were doing so well together we thought that we should open our home and foster a pug as well. Along came Mylee. Again we were advised; she was a runner, and extremely hyper. We saw evidence of that from the moment we met her, but there was something about that girl that melted my heart. It wasn’t long before we decided to adopt her ourselves. She loves everyone and everything. She was a big puppy and found a mother in Ellie. And Ellie found the puppy she had been looking for. With gentle love she has become the adorable companion I knew she could. She is my girl and some say she is spoiled rotten. She loves giving kisses and having her ears rubbed. She adores her Kong toys, and will eat anything. This summer she discovered the joy that can be found in the kiddie pool that we have on the deck. Often resulting in extensive wet scooting, and more kisses. She enjoys exploring our shopping bags for new toys. 

Larry and Susan are the proud parents of Emma, Ellie, and Mylee



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